Pigs of a


By celebrating flying pigs we are able to bring  hope, faith and believing into your everyday life.  Enjoy the slides below and learn about the different kinds of flying pigs including there  offspring  and what they are made of.  Just  give one an "oink" to view a collection of its fine prducts

What dreams are made of. A diagram showing
the finest cuts from a flying pig. Since they
are unbelievable rare and precious,
remember that just one flying pig is enough
to serve many in need.

Flying pigs are known for their fanciful flight and unlike their much more down to  earth cousins, these particular pink, plump pigs dwell in the highest atmospheres of  the sky is the limit.

Nocturnal flying pigs dwell in the most enchanted nights and are incredibly hard to conceive. But when passing the full moon a partial eclipse of the skeptical mind will occur.

Flying piglets learn to fly along side their mother and are cared for in what are called flying pigpens. Surprisingly, they are born without wings and only grow them during a special phenomenon known as believing.

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